Flexible Monetizing and Business Tools

Sell your app in more than 130 countries. Flexible monetization options with in-app purchase, subscriptions, and more.

Streamlined purchase flow for users

When users find your app, they can purchase it instantly with a streamlined, consistent purchasing process and convenient payment methods.

Instant purchase from device or web

Google Play makes it fast and easy for your customers to buy your products, whether from a phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer. When users find an app or game that they want to buy, they can purchase it in as few as two steps—one to initiate the purchase and another to accept purchase details and permissions and complete the transaction.

Google Play's convenient purchase experience is the same familiar process for all products everywhere across Google Play—apps, games, in-app products and subscriptions, and other digital content.


Purchasing is even more convenient on Google Play because it’s cloud-connected. Users can find and purchase your products from anywhere—from their Android phones or using any web browser on any host computer.

When users find an app or game they want to buy, they purchase it and download it instantly to their devices over-the-air. Users who sign in to the Google Play web site can also buy apps and games and push them instantly to their phones, tablets, or other devices. Google Play manages the application download.

Convenient payment options

Users can purchase your products on Google Play using several convenient payment methods—credit cards, Direct Carrier Billing, gift cards, and Google Play balance.

Credit card is the most common method of payment. Users can pay using any credit card that they’ve registered in Google Play. To make it easy for users to get started, registration is offered as a part of initial device setup process.

Subscribers on many popular carrier networks worldwide can charge purchases to their monthly mobile phone bills through Direct Carrier Billing. This form of payment is convenient and simple and is extremely popular in regions where credit cards are less common. More than 75 million users in key markets around the world can purchase your products through Direct Carrier Billing. Many more will get the option in the months ahead.

Google Play balance is a stored account balance in Google Play. Users can increase their balance through promotions and offers in the store, and they can use their balanace to make purchases of apps, games, or other content.

The payment methods available to users worldwide may vary, based on location, carrier network, and other factors.

Choice of billing models

Google Play gives you a choice of billing models to let you monetize your products.

You can offer apps to all users for free, or you can set an initial price for the app, paid before download. You can also sell one-time purchases and auto-renewing subscriptions from inside the app, and you can take advantage of AdMob integration to monetize your app through targeted advertising.

You can combine these billing models in different ways, based on your business needs or market conditions.

For example, you can use a freemium or ad-supported model by distributing your app for free and selling in-app products or advertising. Alternatively you could set a nominal price for your app at download and sell value add-ons, gameplay levels, and upgrades as in-app products. The only restriction is that free apps must remain free (to download) for the life of the app.

For details about in-app products or subscriptions, see Google Play In-app Billing.

Flexible pricing in the currencies of your customers

Google Play gives you complete control over how you price your products. You can set prices in more than 130 countries, for millions of users around the world. When users browse your app’s product page or initiate a purchase, Google Play shows them the price they will be charged in their local currency.

You can set and adjust your prices at any time, in any available currency. Your prices in available currencies are independent, so you can adjust one price without affecting others. This gives you the ability to run short-term promotions and discounts in specific countries and more easily manage shifts in exchange rates.

You can set and manage prices for your apps and in-app products from the Google Play Developer Console.

Monthly payouts in your local currency

To sell products in Google Play, all you have to do is register for a Google Wallet merchant account and link it to your Google Play Android Developer Console account (see Get Started with Publishing for details). Once you’ve set up your account and published your apps, Google Play makes monthly payouts of sales proceeds to your merchant account, in your local currency.

Detailed financial reporting

When you sell priced apps or in-app products on Google Play, you get a variety of financial reports to help you track and project sales, optimize your marketing campaigns, and support your customers.

To help you keep up-to-date with the current activity, you can download daily reports summarizing recent purchases of your products. The reports include estimated sales amounts and include a variety of other data for each transaction.

At the close of the month, you can download a complete sales report that gives you the final details of all transactions that closed in the month, including the payout amounts and other data. Additional financial reports are available in your Google Wallet merchant account.