Android developers, their apps, and their successes with Android and Google Play.

Developer Story: Colopl

The creators of Kuma The Bear, Japan-based Colopl, talk about how Google Play and Android allowed them to grow their business to become one of the most profitable games publishers in APAC to date.

Developer Story:

Bangalore-based developers are bringing the sophistication and convenience of air-travel booking to bus transit. Hear how Android is helping them deliver a superior travel experience to millions of daily bus riders in India.

Developer Story: Smule

The creators of AutoRap, Magic Piano, and Songify talk about their experiences launching on Android, the explosive global growth they’ve seen on Google Play, and some of the techniques they use to market and monetize their products effectively across the world.

Developer Story: Robot Invader

Robot Invader chose Android and Google Play as the launch platform for their first game,
Wind-up Knight.

Hear from the developers how Android helped them reach millions of users and more than 100 device models with a single app binary, then iterate rapidly to ensure a great user experience.