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Android APIs
Added in API level 1


Contains the framework API classes that define Android location-based and related services.

Note: The Google Location Services API, part of Google Play Services, provides a more powerful, high-level framework that automates tasks such as location provider choice and power management. Location Services also provides new features such as activity detection that aren't available in the framework API. Developers who are using the framework API, as well as developers who are just now adding location-awareness to their apps, should strongly consider using the Location Services API.
To learn more about the Location Services API, see Location APIs.

For more information about the framework API, see the Location and Maps guide.


GpsStatus.Listener Used for receiving notifications when GPS status has changed. 
GpsStatus.NmeaListener Used for receiving NMEA sentences from the GPS. 
LocationListener Used for receiving notifications from the LocationManager when the location has changed. 


Address A class representing an Address, i.e, a set of Strings describing a location. 
Criteria A class indicating the application criteria for selecting a location provider. 
Geocoder A class for handling geocoding and reverse geocoding. 
GpsSatellite This class represents the current state of a GPS satellite. 
GpsStatus This class represents the current state of the GPS engine. 
Location A data class representing a geographic location. 
LocationManager This class provides access to the system location services. 
LocationProvider An abstract superclass for location providers. 
SettingInjectorService Dynamically specifies the summary (subtitle) and enabled status of a preference injected into the list of app settings displayed by the system settings app

For use only by apps that are included in the system image, for preferences that affect multiple apps.