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Android APIs


PopupMenu.OnDismissListener Callback interface used to notify the application that the menu has closed. 
PopupMenu.OnMenuItemClickListener Interface responsible for receiving menu item click events if the items themselves do not have individual item click listeners. 
SearchView.OnQueryTextListener Callbacks for changes to the query text. 
SearchView.OnSuggestionListener Callback interface for selection events on suggestions. 
ShareActionProvider.OnShareTargetSelectedListener Listener for the event of selecting a share target. 


GridLayout A layout that places its children in a rectangular grid
GridLayout.Alignment Alignments specify where a view should be placed within a cell group and what size it should be. 
GridLayout.LayoutParams Layout information associated with each of the children of a GridLayout. 
GridLayout.Spec A Spec defines the horizontal or vertical characteristics of a group of cells. 
PopupMenu Static library support version of the framework's PopupMenu
SearchView A widget that provides a user interface for the user to enter a search query and submit a request to a search provider. 
ShareActionProvider This is a provider for a share action. 
Space Space is a lightweight View subclass that may be used to create gaps between components in general purpose layouts.