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Added in API level 19



Provides classes for implementing print support in applications and also contains all base classes and abstractions involved in printing. These base classes are also used by other more specialized printing related packages.

The entry point for interacting with the print system is the PrintManager which is a system service that can be obtained from the current context. The print manager provides APIs for printing, querying the state of print jobs, etc.

Print contract

An application that wants to implement printing must extend PrintDocumentAdapter which defines the contract between the system and the application.The key idea behind this adapter is that the printed content may change based on the selected print options, such as media size, orientation, which requires the content to be re-laid out. The constraints according to which the content has to be laid out are encapsulated in the PrintAttributes class. Once layout is completed the application calls back to the system passing a PrintDocumentInfo instance which describes the generated content. After the content has been laid out the application may be asked to render some pages of that content for preview or printing. The range of pages that have to be rendered is abstracted by the PageRange class.

Print jobs

A print job is represented by the PrintJob class which has behavior methods as well as methods for querying its state. Each print job has a unique id represented by the PrintJobId class and exposes APIs for obtaining a PrintJobInfo which is a snapshot of its state. The print job state may change over time.


An available printer represented by the PrinterInfo class has a unique id which is abstracted by the PrinterId class. The PrinterInfo contains printer properties such as id, name, description, status, and printer capabilities encapsulated in the PrinterCapabilitiesInfo class. Printer capabilities describe how a printer can print content, for example what are the supported media sizes, color modes, resolutions, etc.


PageRange Represents a range of pages. 
PrintAttributes This class represents the attributes of a print job. 
PrintAttributes.Builder Builder for creating PrintAttributes
PrintAttributes.Margins This class specifies content margins. 
PrintAttributes.MediaSize This class specifies a supported media size. 
PrintAttributes.Resolution This class specifies a supported resolution in DPI (dots per inch). 
PrintDocumentAdapter Base class that provides the content of a document to be printed. 
PrintDocumentAdapter.LayoutResultCallback Base class for implementing a callback for the result of onLayout(PrintAttributes, PrintAttributes, CancellationSignal, LayoutResultCallback, Bundle)
PrintDocumentAdapter.WriteResultCallback Base class for implementing a callback for the result of onWrite(PageRange[], ParcelFileDescriptor, CancellationSignal, WriteResultCallback)
PrintDocumentInfo This class encapsulates information about a document for printing purposes. 
PrintDocumentInfo.Builder Builder for creating a PrintDocumentInfo
PrinterCapabilitiesInfo This class represents the capabilities of a printer. 
PrinterCapabilitiesInfo.Builder Builder for creating of a PrinterCapabilitiesInfo
PrinterId This class represents the unique id of a printer. 
PrinterInfo This class represents the description of a printer. 
PrinterInfo.Builder Builder for creating of a PrinterInfo
PrintJob This class represents a print job from the perspective of an application. 
PrintJobId This class represents the id of a print job. 
PrintJobInfo This class represents the description of a print job. 
PrintJobInfo.Builder Builder for creating a PrintJobInfo
PrintManager System level service for accessing the printing capabilities of the platform.