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Android APIs


ActionBar.OnMenuVisibilityListener Listener for receiving events when ActionBar items are shown or hidden. 
ActionBar.OnNavigationListener Listener for receiving ActionBar navigation events. 
ActionBar.TabListener Callback interface invoked when an ActionBar.Tab is focused, unfocused, added, or removed. 


ActionBar A window feature at the top of the activity that may display the activity title, navigation modes, and other interactive items. 
ActionBar.LayoutParams Per-child layout information associated with action bar custom views. 
ActionBar.Tab A tab in the action bar that manages the hiding and showing of Fragments. 
ActionBarActivity Base class for activities that use the support library action bar features. 
MediaRouteActionProvider The media route action provider displays a media route button in the application's ActionBar to allow the user to select routes and to control the currently selected route. 
MediaRouteButton The media route button allows the user to select routes and to control the currently selected route. 
MediaRouteChooserDialog This class implements the route chooser dialog for MediaRouter
MediaRouteChooserDialogFragment Media route chooser dialog fragment. 
MediaRouteControllerDialog This class implements the route controller dialog for MediaRouter
MediaRouteControllerDialogFragment Media route controller dialog fragment. 
MediaRouteDialogFactory The media route dialog factory is responsible for creating the media route chooser and controller dialogs as needed. 
MediaRouteDiscoveryFragment Media route discovery fragment.