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public class


extends PdfDocument
     ↳ android.print.pdf.PrintedPdfDocument

Class Overview

This class is a helper for creating a PDF file for given print attributes. It is useful for implementing printing via the native Android graphics APIs.

This class computes the page width, page height, and content rectangle from the provided print attributes and these precomputed values can be accessed via getPageWidth(), getPageHeight(), and getPageContentRect(), respectively. The startPage(int) methods creates pages whose PdfDocument.PageInfo is initialized with the precomputed values for width, height, and content rectangle.

A typical use of the APIs looks like this:

 // open a new document
 PrintedPdfDocument document = new PrintedPdfDocument(context,

 // start a page
 Page page = document.startPage(0);

 // draw something on the page
 View content = getContentView();

 // finish the page
 . . .
 // add more pages
 . . .
 // write the document content

 //close the document


Public Constructors
PrintedPdfDocument(Context context, PrintAttributes attributes)
Creates a new document.
Public Methods
Rect getPageContentRect()
Gets the content rectangle.
int getPageHeight()
Gets the page height.
int getPageWidth()
Gets the page width.
PdfDocument.Page startPage(int pageNumber)
Starts a new page.
Inherited Methods
From class
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public PrintedPdfDocument (Context context, PrintAttributes attributes)

Added in API level 19

Creates a new document.

Note: You must close the document after you are done by calling close().

context Context instance for accessing resources.
attributes The print attributes.

Public Methods

public Rect getPageContentRect ()

Added in API level 19

Gets the content rectangle. This is the area of the page that contains printed data and is relative to the page top left.

  • The content rectangle.

public int getPageHeight ()

Added in API level 19

Gets the page height.

  • The page height in PostScript points (1/72th of an inch).

public int getPageWidth ()

Added in API level 19

Gets the page width.

  • The page width in PostScript points (1/72th of an inch).

public PdfDocument.Page startPage (int pageNumber)

Added in API level 19

Starts a new page. The page is created using width, height and content rectangle computed from the print attributes passed in the constructor and the given page number to create an appropriate PdfDocument.PageInfo.

After the page is created you can draw arbitrary content on the page's canvas which you can get by calling Page.getCanvas(). After you are done drawing the content you should finish the page by calling finishPage(Page). After the page is finished you should no longer access the page or its canvas.

Note: Do not call this method after close(). Also do not call this method if the last page returned by this method is not finished by calling finishPage(Page).

pageNumber The page number. Must be a positive value.
  • A blank page.
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