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Android APIs
public class


extends AndroidTestCase
   ↳ junit.framework.Assert
     ↳ junit.framework.TestCase
       ↳ android.test.AndroidTestCase
         ↳ android.test.LoaderTestCase

Class Overview

A convenience class for testing Loaders. This test case provides a simple way to synchronously get the result from a Loader making it easy to assert that the Loader returns the expected result.


Inherited Fields
From class android.test.AndroidTestCase
Public Constructors
Public Methods
<T> T getLoaderResultSynchronously(Loader<T> loader)
Runs a Loader synchronously and returns the result of the load.
Inherited Methods
From class android.test.AndroidTestCase
From class junit.framework.TestCase
From class junit.framework.Assert
From class java.lang.Object
From interface junit.framework.Test

Public Constructors

public LoaderTestCase ()

Added in API level 11

Public Methods

public T getLoaderResultSynchronously (Loader<T> loader)

Added in API level 11

Runs a Loader synchronously and returns the result of the load. The loader will be started, stopped, and destroyed by this method so it cannot be reused.

loader The loader to run synchronously
  • The result from the loader