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public interface


implements Closeable
Known Indirect Subclasses

Class Overview

A channel is a conduit to I/O services covering such items as files, sockets, hardware devices, I/O ports or some software component.

Channels are open upon creation, and can be closed explicitly. Once a channel is closed it cannot be re-opened, and any attempts to perform I/O operations on the closed channel result in a ClosedChannelException.

Particular implementations or sub-interfaces of Channel dictate whether they are thread-safe or not.


Public Methods
abstract void close()
Closes an open channel.
abstract boolean isOpen()
Returns true if this channel is open.
Inherited Methods
From interface
From interface java.lang.AutoCloseable

Public Methods

public abstract void close ()

Added in API level 1

Closes an open channel. If the channel is already closed then this method has no effect. If there is a problem with closing the channel then the method throws an IOException and the exception contains reasons for the failure.

If an attempt is made to perform an operation on a closed channel then a ClosedChannelException will be thrown on that attempt.

If multiple threads attempt to simultaneously close a channel, then only one thread will run the closure code, and others will be blocked until the first returns.

IOException if a problem occurs closing the channel.

public abstract boolean isOpen ()

Added in API level 1

Returns true if this channel is open.